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Cameroon (MOBILE): +237 7023 0639

Cameroon (OFFICE): +237 3332 2132

International: +44 773 822 6674


The item I purchased made the recepient very excited. He couldn't imagine that was possible and more to that, He feels he doesn't have to be buying phone cards any more. At least according to him, I can always do the same "magic" from the USA. Thanks again for all your services. I have been sending the word out to friends and relatives all over the world. Keep being dedicated in what you do. God bless.
Julie (May 11 2007)
United States
Is this not creativity?, or as shall we call it witch craft? My Parents were having their blessing wedding in the church the next day, in my absence and i was wondering how i could make them happy on such a special day. There was absolutely no magic. Guess what? A click on, i came accross this website, thanks to Y-3 Yohji Yamatoto. Instantly, i sent MTN phone credit to my mum, my dad and my sweet heart, and within 5 minutes, they were all calling to thank me. Happy send has helped me to make my family happy.
Eron Che Ngwa (April 30th 2007)
Thank you very much for your patience. I am ready to shop with Happysend all the time for my mum. Thank you again and never mind we will have to deal more in the future.
United Kingdom (March 23rd 2007)
It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will spread the word as much as possible.
United Kingdom (April 18th 2007)
I really like the novelty of your service. My friend was really pleased and surprised when they received their Gift. My Ghanaian and Nigerian friends have been telling me about such services but I've always wanted such a service for Cameroonians. I will definitely Recommend to my friends.
United Kingdom (April 20th 2007)
Excellent site. I would certainly be interested in your services. Do you do money transfer as well?
This is such abrilliant idea!!! We will definitely be using your company- i browsed your products looking for an oven, freezer/fridge 4 my mum but u had none! I assume you will put those on soon?
Phyllis Navti
Wonderful idea! Checked out the site briefly. Very nice indeed. Will look again in greater detail. Keep it up dear.
Jane Ekema
This is a novel idea!
This is such a bright idea. It is a win win. Congratulations.
Excellent!!! I will certainly be contacting you soon. It was an exciting site. 
This is amazing. Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! I will remember to use this. It is such an efficient way to send someone a gift with no hassle. You guys keep up the good work. 
Really great idea and should be using it pretty soon.just registered.i think it is a fantastic idea.go girl, well done 
Frida Forya
Wow..nice,...I've forwarded the link to my parents and other family members who I'm sure will be interested..however, the all live in would you get them there? or isn't that an option.. BY It is well built. I love it.
 it really takes away the nightmare we go through to send a parcel back home, then be assured you will soon be flooded with customers. I work in Beijing. I will readily promote the site on my own site and spread the news in China and the rest of Asia.
Beijing - China
Just to say cheers! It's good to know that there are a few out there who still care. I will give it a try these days.
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